Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beignets Anyone?

Aunt Linh made the trip out to NOLA in late January to visit the girls. I think she was a little anxious about how the girls would react to her after going so long without seeing her. It was NO problem. We had a great time!

We started by visiting Tulane...we toured the campus, took lots of pictures, and of course...visited the pool.

Then had an amazing brunch at The Court of Two Sisters (very appropriately named for the "sisterly" weekend). This was one of many stops to eat throughout the visit.

Last, and certainly not least, we stopped for our last round of beignets before Aunt Linh had to go back to San Diego. The girls were nice enough to share with us!

Thanks Aunt Linh for an awesome weekend!!! We love you!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lunar New Year

The girls had a chance to celebrate the New Year (again) for the Vietnamese celebration of the Lunar New Year. We took them out to City Park to have their pictures taken in the dresses that Nana bought them during her last trip to Vietnam.

We got a Walker!

Just this last week, Olivia decided that it might be faster to get from point-A to point-B by walking like Mama & Daddy.

Check out the video to see this crazy-girl walk!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Babies' First Christmas

We celebrated our first Christmas with the girls in New Orleans this year. Nana and Papa made the trip from San Diego (with lots of presents). It was so great to have family in town to enjoy the girls and their first real present-opening experience. I think they enjoyed the paper more than anything!


Our very first chairs! Grandma and Grandpa got us these awesome chairs for our birthday! We love them!

Olivia decided that using her hands was overrated. She went face-first into her cake.

Isabella took her time and cleared nearly all of the frosting off of her cake one bite at a time.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Nana, the twins, and I went out for a little Krispy Kreme fun this morning. I wasn't really sure how the girls would like the hats...or the donuts.

We put a donut on the table to distract them, then slipped the hats on when they weren't paying attention.

Both girls had a blast eating their first Krispy Kreme. They never even noticed the silly hats on their heads. I figured they'd make the donuts into mash while they stripped off the icing, but both girls finished off a whole donut and some! (Now you know they're going to be swimmers!)

There is no lack of appetite in this family!

We had a good time and got some good pictures out of it.

Yeah donuts!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Girl Food!!!

Jason and I are pretty excited about the idea of the girls feeding themselves. So far at dinner this week, we've gone through two jars of carrots, two jars of lil' sticks, three bananas, hundreds of cheerios, and a couple of bowls of mashed potatoes (who knew this was a finger food?)

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy being able to eat our own dinner simultaneously!